The fourth and last topic in the series of challenges for BREEAM Communities was transport and infrastructure. Again, we surveyed the people who live, work and run their businesses in New Nivy. We asked them to share their opinions about this particular topic that affects everyone’s daily lives. The ambassadors chosen to discuss this topic were marketer and travel blogger Jozef Orgonáš who commutes to work to New Nivy from Austria and Marketing Director at Heineken and occasional tram driver, Ronald Lupták, who spends most of his day in New Nivy. 

Thanks to their practical ideas, we inspired other people to visit our campaign website and share their own thoughts, ideas and advice on transport and infrastructure improvements concerning New Nivy and the wider Bratislava area.

It became obvious after the fourth survey that the transport situation in Bratislava, including New Nivy, is of interest to all of its citizens, regardless of their age or occupation. The majority of people concluded that the infrastructure couldn’t be radically changed in a short amount of time, but we can all gradually improve the transport situation by frequently using public transport, bicycles, electric or kick scooters and even by simply respecting the highway code.

For transparency we grouped the most common idea themes together below:


So what have we found out from the results of our survey about traffic and infrastructure?

Many people care deeply about the transport situation in the areas they live, work and spend their free time in. The most dominant themes were the more frequent use of public transport, the use of bicycles as well as carpooling and bike sharing. This confirms that people are well aware of the importance of the community’s attitude towards transport regarding improving the traffic situation and subsequently the environment around them.

Another hot topic was electric trams, which have the biggest potential to help fight traffic jams in Bratislava due to the lack of a public subway system. The new tram routes have the potential to bring New Nivy closer to the historical city centre and also simplify commutes from more distant city districts. The demand for a well-functioning public transport system increases with a rising population. The best way to provide support for its improvement is to use it more frequently.

Thank you for all your suggestions. We appreciate all the ideas you shared.